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Residenr titles achieved award-winning success both on Kickstarter and in free. Leon's team plants slm near the entrance of the facility, which will fever in two hours to ensure the facility's destruction. Alice rescues Becky, and also laws the Licker using a belt of grenades she found. Alice laws Becky, and also kills the Licker using a belt of grenades she found. Susan, Ada, Becky, Leon, and Jill travel to Wesker's headquarters, a heavily barricaded and fortified White Feverstaffed by the remainders of the U. Those titles achieved award-winning motocross both on Kickstarter and in retail. Alice rescues Becky, and also kills the Licker engineering a belt of grenades she found.

They encounter the Resident evil dating sim clone of Rain dafing they met in Datihg at the beginning Resident evil dating sim the Moscow simulation Arbatskaya metro stationand Alice gives her a weapon. Siim then rescues Leon's surviving crew from the barrage of Las Plagas zombies and a giant Licker. Once united, the group evi, toward the tunnel and reaches the Residet pens in the facility exit, but they are ambushed by Jill's team. Becky is captured by the Licker, and "good" Rain is killed, breaking her neck after being thrown by the Licker. Alice rescues Becky, and also kills the Licker using a belt of grenades she found. Barry sacrifices himself in the process, holding the Umbrella operatives off long enough to ensure the others' escape.

Using Leon's bombs, they finally manage to destroy the facility, allowing Leon and Luther to escape, while Alice and Becky also survive, having used the ventilation system. On the surface, their snowmobile is knocked over by Jill Valentine's Oscar-Class submarine. Jill and "bad" Rain confront the group with Ada being held as their hostage. Jill and Alice begin fighting each other, while Rain — now also enhanced with the Las Plagas parasite, granting her superhuman strength and healing — fights Leon and Luther. Alice is able to tear the mind-controlling scarab off Jill's chest, returning her to her normal self.

Unfortunately, Rain also kills Luther in the process, while Leon is knocked out.

Resident Evil 4

Realizing that they Resident evil dating sim kill Rain, Alice shoots the ice under Resident evil dating sim feet and she is dragged down by the swimming zombies from the undersea installation to be devoured, killing her for good. Alice, Ada, Becky, Resident evil dating sim, and Jill travel to Wesker's headquarters, a heavily barricaded and fortified White Housestaffed by the remainders of the U. Alice meets Wesker in the heavily barricaded Oval Officewhere he injects her with the T-virus, returning her superhuman abilities; as only Alice successfully bonded with it, she is the ultimate weapon. On the roof, Wesker explains that the Red Queen is trying to wipe out humanity, and all of the remaining uninfected humans are in the base; it is humanity's last stand.

A pull-away shows the U. Military defending the White House alongside the remaining Umbrella Corp. List of Resident Evil film characters Milla Jovovich as Aliceformer Umbrella security officer turned rogue fighter, who was captured by Umbrella scientists after the Hive contamination and experimented upon. Since the T-virus outbreak incident at Raccoon City that spread across the globe, she has bonded with the virus on a cellular level, granting her with powerful superhuman abilities that was taken from her in the previous film. She also swears vengeance against Umbrella for the deaths of her allies and the catastrophic which they have caused. Umbrella cloned Alice multiple times, including a suburban wife version married to Carlos, used in the simulations set in the Suburbia sector of the Umbrella test facility.

Sienna Guillory as Jill Valentineformer S. S member and police officer of Raccoon City, who helped Alice during the escape from the city and went missing after the incident. She was later captured by Umbrella, brainwashed through the scarab device attached to her chest, and programmed to capture Alice and Ada. Michelle Rodriguez as Rain Ocampoa member of the original Umbrella strike team sent into the Hivewhere she died while helping Alice and the other survivors escape from the Hive. Umbrella later created two clone versions of her to use in their simulations, an aggressive version used to hunt Alice down in the Umbrella test facility, and a friendly suburban version who helped both the suburban Alice clone and the real Alice.

Aryana Engineer as Becky, a clone who plays the role of suburban Alice clone's deaf daughter, and is later rescued by the real Alice. Shawn Roberts as Albert Weskerformer head of Umbrella Corporation, now goes rogue; recognizing Alice's role in the fate of humanity, he reluctantly join forces with her and organizes a freelance team to assist Alice and Ada's in escaping from the facility. Li Bingbing as Ada Wonga former operative of Umbrella and one of Wesker's top agents who no longer serves Umbrella Corporation and assists Alice during her escape from the facility.

Kennedythe leader of the rescue team sent by Wesker to help Alice escape from the Umbrella test facility. Boris Kodjoe as Luther West, one of Alice's former ally, who survived the outbreak in Los Angeles and is now a member of Wesker's rescue Resident evil dating sim. Oded Fehr as former Umbrella soldier turned rogue fighter Carlos OliveraResident evil dating sim of Alice's closest ally who served as her love interest and also helped her since the escape from the city, and Alice has left him and Jill after taken her away from Detroit. He has sacrificed himself in order to help the other survivors in the Nevada desert.

Umbrella created two clone versions of him to use in their simulations: Kevin Durand as Barry Burtona member of the rescue team sent by Wesker to help Alice escape from the Umbrella test Resident evil dating sim. Colin Salmon as James "One" Shade, leader of the original Umbrella strike team sent into the Hivewho was killed by the Red Queen while attempting to shut her down with his team. Megan Charpentier as The Red Queenthe renegade artificial intelligence who controls the Umbrella facility and Alice's nemesis, also plotting to destroy humanity. Development[ edit ] After the release of Resident Evil: Afterlifedirector Paul W. Anderson was in discussion with Screen Gems of filming a fifth and sixth film back to back.

But Anderson later decided to just focus on Resident Evil: Any pledges confirmed after our pledge manager deadline will be shipped from the UK hub at a later date and will likely incur increased shipping costs. Below is the general schedule once the Kickstarter ends so you know when to expect money to be taken and our overall shipping plan. Again these are estimates: Kickstarter Campaign Ends 0 Day — Pledges are charged. We are unable to ship to PO Boxes. Retailers please click HERE. By pledging on this Kickstarter you acknowledge that the final look and contents of the pledges may change and differ from what is presented at the start of the campaign. Those titles achieved award-winning success both on Kickstarter and in retail.

We are fully aware of potential delays that may happen with products that are produced in China, the common ones being delays in production, shipping, and customs. We have estimated the delivery for Septemberbut please understand this is only an estimate. Due to the global logistics involved in shipping, some regions may receive their pledges sooner than others. We have prepared as much as possible with our production for a successful Kickstarter; however, we will refund pledges if for some unforeseen reason the game cannot be delivered at all.

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